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Lü†hårt • Oceania & Skull Series by Lutha Leahy-Miller

Lü†hårt • Oceania Series • The luminous energy of ocean waves, rendered in Japanese ink and brush on paper. A second generation Hamptons surfer, Lutha has lived and surfed the world over, and is the confluence of many inspirations.

The Lü†hårt • Skull Series artworks, are a meditation on death, a rumination upon our inevitable demise, a reminder of the preciousness of life, and of the infallibility of ever–constant change. Tibetan Buddhist philosophy regarding impermanence, is the key to the skull series.

Lü†hårt • Oceania
Lü†hårt • Oceania • 7316

The Lü†hårt • Oceania Series • Beauty and motion of the sea, rendered in Japanese ink, and brush on paper.
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Lü†hårt • Skull Series

Lü†hårt • Skull Series • Impermanence and change, the only constant... Life, the most precious of gifts, is most memorable and cherished, in the face of death.
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Lü†hårt • Exhibitions

Lü†hårt • List of art exhibitions with work by Southampton's own, Lutha Leahy-Miller.
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Lutha's • Hamptons Surf Report

Daily Hamptons Surf Report & Forecast by Southampton's own, Lutha Leahy-Miller.
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About Lü†hårt

Lü†hårt • Oceania & Skull Series • Hand-hewn fine art, by Southampton's own Lutha Leahy-Miller. Limited edition signed prints, and Japanese brush pen and ink originals on paper, available upon request.

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Recent Artworks

Lü†hårt • Oceania • 51621
May 16th, 2021

Lü†hårt • Skull • 3621
March 6th, 2021

Lü†hårt • Oceania • 1321
January 3rd, 2021

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Lutha Leahy-Miller

Lutha has been surfing and making art in the Hamptons since the late 1980s. An avid surfer, formerly ranked 3rd in the North-Eastern USA, Lutha has worked, lived, and surfed, in Hawaii, Mexico, California, France, and the Carribean. Lutha has also been exhibiting his art under the Lü†hårt moniker for more than a decade, throughout the Hamptons and NYC.

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